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‘Rang De Basanti’ actor Siddharth said ‘I am alive’, to which YouTube gives a strange answer

MumbaiSouthern actor Siddharth, who starred in ‘Rang De Basanti’, is currently worried about his death. In a tweet, Siddharth told the fans what happened. He said that although Siddharth is alive, rumors of his death are being spread. He expressed his displeasure by tweeting about this. Siddharth was declared brought dead in a YouTube video. The incident happened when a complaint was lodged on YouTube in this regard but YouTube did not take any action against the video.

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Siddharth has shared a screenshot of the YouTube video in his tweet to inform the fans about this. Siddharth wrote, ‘The video says I died a few years ago. I have also complained about this video to YouTube. But, I got a strange answer from YouTube. YouTube says it hasn’t found any errors in the video. The video narrated by Siddharth gives information about artists who have died in their youth. Its name is also Siddharth Chand.

Netizens have also reacted in favor of Siddharth. Hope youtube will correct your mistake after this. Siddharth also played a lead role in ‘Chashmebaddoor’ along with ‘Rang De Basanti’. Siddharth was last seen in South’s film ‘Aruvam’ in 2019. Soon Siddharth is going to be seen in some more films. These include films like ‘Indian 2’, ‘Takkar’, ‘Shaitan Ka Bachha’.

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