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Rivers flowing above danger mark in North Karnataka; people in distress

People crossing the submarine road on Tubachi Road

Bagalkot: Due to the increase in the flow of water in Krishna river, the flood water has increased on Tubachi-Janjarwada road of Jamkhandi taluk of Bagalkot district. In the midst of dangerous traffic, people are walking around the pool holding long sticks and marking the road. Based on that, traffic on the road, even if a little cautious, can be dangerous.

The floods have started in the villages of Mudhola taluk of Bagalkot district. The Hulebasaveshwara historical temple in Machakanur village is already aqueous, with four feet of water standing in its premises. Now the water is flowing towards the land on the banks of the river and cane crop of immense frost is standing in the water. In view of the danger of overflowing the river, farmers are working to move their pumpsets to a safe place. Jalibare bridge in Mudhola taluk of Bagalkot district has been submerged due to heavy floods.

Havery: The rivers are flowing above the danger mark due to rain. The Varada, Kumudvati and Dharma rivers are flowing in the district and the villages of Thippayakoppa, Kudupali, Aliwala, Badasangpura and Yadagoda in Rattihalli taluk have been cut off. Ten years later, the lake river in Angaragatti village was filled with crops in the land of the farmer of Charitra villages.

yadgoda haveri

Kavadvati River is a village island in Haveri district in Karnataka.

Belgaum, Connaught: Due to heavy rains in Maharashtra, Western Ghats and Belgaum district, Ghataprabha river has a flow of 1 lakh 10 thousand cusecs. Konkur Bazar of Gokak taluk is full of water. The river’s Gokak, Mudalagi taluk has created panic among the neighbours, and the Golak bridge is under water. Houses in Mutton Market, Bhojgarh Gali and Uppara Gali in Gokak town were inundated with water.


Coastal urban area in Conor, Belgaum

unbridled: In the Western Ghats region of Maharashtra, there has been an increase in the rate of flow of the Vedanganga River due to rainfall. Since you are on Bangalore-Mumbai National Highway band, vehicles are parked for 5 kms near Yamagarani village toll in Nippani taluk of Belgaum district. Vehicles queued up near Tokkagi Toll in Hukkeri taluk, and drivers and staff stood without toilets and toilet aids.

Raichur: With the release of 3.50 lakh cusecs of water in the Krishna river, the Devdurg taluk Phool ka bridge is in full swing. Due to this the contact between Devdurg-Shahpur was broken. A contact between Raichur-Kalburgi also breaks down.

Hubli: Heavy rains have damaged 16 houses in Hubli. There has been damage to houses in Old Hubli, Keshavpur, Gadag Road and Alipet and Hirepet.

Dharwad: Locals have rescued a special rescue worker who was in his house at Tiger House in Pulikere of Alnavar taluk.


local people defending disabled person

Although there is less rain in Dharwad district, there is less fear among the people. The houses are on the verge of collapse due to heavy rains. That’s why people are scared to come back home and the victims are angry that the care center is open.

Davangere Line: There has also been a lot of rain in the center of Karnataka, Davanagere. Water level of Tungabhadra river has been increased due to good rains in Malnad region. Due to water in some houses in Harihar river, 15 families were evacuated and sent to care center at APMC building in Harihar. More than seventy villages in Namathi, Honnalli and Harihar taluks of Davanagere district are under flood threat.

Due to heavy release of water into Tungabhadra river, 70 villages in Honali and Harihar taluks of Davanagere district have been inundated. Water has washed away in the adjacent Tirtha district of Harihar taluk, the district administration has warned the people of the river banks.

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(Many villages and farms in Uttara Karnataka region were submerged in heavy rains)

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