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Roberrt Twitter Review: There are Twitter men who have shown a thumbs up to Robert Cinema


Robert Cinema is releasing today (March 11). Robert Cinema was released in over 650 theaters on its first day, with an estimated 2750 shows. Robert is about to announce more than 100 multiplexes. Robert Cinema will showcase 3838 shows, including multiplexes and single screen theatres. Fans who watched Robert Cinema shared opinions on Twitter.

Robert Cinema has been appreciated by many. Darshan’s acting, the story of cinema has been appreciated by many. Darshan had earlier played a cameo in the film ‘Chowka’ directed by Tarun Sudhir. Tarun has now written a new story and made a film with Robert. Asha Bhatt is the heroine of cinema. Telugu villain Jagapathi Babu is seen as the main villain in this film. Vinod Prabhakar, Ravi Shankar, Sonal Manthero, Chikkanna, Avinash, Devraj, Shivraj KR. Pate, Aishwarya Prasad and many others have acted in the cinema.

Others have written that after watching the cinema is not so good.

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