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Robert Kannada Movie Review: Double Dhamaka of Robert and Raghavan on a ticket for Darshan fans!

Robert appeared in the cinema

Movies: Robert
Direction: Tarun Sudheri
Construction: Umapati Srinivasa Gowda
cast: Darshan, Asha Bhatt, Jagapathi Babu, Ravi Shankar, Vinod Prabhakar, Sonal Manthero and Chikkunna.
Star: 3.5 / 5

Darshan Maas is one of the most recognizable people through films. His fans often like such films. The punching dialogues, stunning adventures and fun of D Fans is entertaining. With this expectation, the viewers who come to see ‘Robert’ can be surprised as soon as the film starts. Because at the beginning of the film all the commercial elements are kept aside and the ‘challenge star’ is seen. Raghav confronts the people who come to see Robert!

Yes, Darshan plays the role of Robert and Raghav in two different shades. Raghav full class. But Robert Sikpatte Mass. The person who once worked as Robert in Mumbai is now living in Lucknow as Raghav. He has the responsibility to protect his son Arjun. Are Raghav and Arjun really father and son? In the second half, you know what caused Robert to become Raghav’s hero!

In all the films Darshan has acted in so far, Robert has got a distinction. In the first half, he completely surrendered to the character, not bound by any collective image. The villains are classy enough to hold their feet. Appearing as an inflexible figure without punching dialogues. He worked as a jittery chef. But in the interim, a different avatar will prevail. That’s where Robert’s real game starts. Mass lovers want darshan in the second half. Khadak is entertained with dialogues and beat scenes. Thus giving a double blast to the audience in the avatar of Raghav and Robert.

Prosperity is visible in every frame. Some of the gorgeous sets are eye-catchers. Director Tarun Sudhir follows the usual formulas in the story and story, trying something new in the production. The screenplay is tied in a way that is to be expected. ‘Robert’ is liked by those who enjoy it regardless. Along with Darshan, Vinod Prabhakar has also got a lot of screen space. Surprise it for your fans. They have as much scope as the second hero.

There are many actors in cinema. Chikna and Dharmana have managed to garner whistles and applause from the audience even though they appear in only a few sequences. Those roles should be credited to Raj Shekhar and Chandramouli, who wrote Fresh Conversation. Actor Shivraj KR Pate entertained even in two different roles. Heroine Asha Bhatt has not got much chance to act. But he has tried to take advantage of the opportunity. He has got a lot of mileage in the songs ‘I Hotkey..’ and ‘Baby Dance Floor Ready..’. Like Darshan, child artist Jason D’Souza has also been highlighted throughout the film. Full marks can be given for their performance.

The commercials of the film have been enhanced with songs by Arjun Janya. V. Harikrishna competed for him in background music. Photographer Sudhakar S has been asked to bring a different kind of underworld and family spirit to the two shades of Raghav and Robert Raj is being held captive. Overall this film will entertain Darshan fans.

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