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Robert Kannada Movie Review: What is in the first part of Robert Cinema starring Darshan?

actor darshan

Darshan starrer Robert Cinema awaits a hill. On the first day, the full house show is being seen in almost all the theaters across the state. In the trailer, Darshan was seen in a very different getup. In such a situation, the audience enters the theater with great curiosity. Now it is known that Robert is the first part of the cinema.

entry by a different character
The entry look audience in Darshan Cinema is standing on the side. The director of Entry Kodisoke is waiting for him with action sequences. However, this time director Tarun Sudhir Darshan has made a different entry. Darshan enters through the character of Hanuman.

character is different from everyone else
Darshan had earlier appeared in very different roles. However, the character of this cinema is unique. The vision shines like never before. This is what the audience really likes.

mass entry for heroine
Usually in Star Heroes films, the heroine’s character is not highlighted so much. His entry is also quite romantic. However, there has been a mass entry of Asha Bhatt, the heroine of Robert Cinema.

find comic characters
Comedy has a special importance in cinema. Similarly, the comic characters in the first half of Robert Cinema are quite clickable. The dotted, young, dharmna characters of Shivraj KR are highlighted.

Two action scenes in the first half
Darshan cinema is often remembered as action sequences. There was also a lot of action in the Robert cinema. There were only two action scenes in the first half. In such a situation, the audience has to wait for the second action scene.

The first half was a hoodie song!
The film was released on YouTube. Fans went crazy on this song. The first half of the song is expected to be a hit with the audience. It is working to please the fans.

The story didn’t give up…
Despite the cinematic lag, Robert keeps a close eye on what the story is about. This has further attracted the audience.

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