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Sachin Pilgaonkar’s statement, “You can’t tell what your career is, you need to save”

MumbaiVeteran Bollywood actress Savita Bajaj has been facing financial crisis for the last few months. He has been away from Bollywood for the last several years. However, a few days ago he was diagnosed with corona and had to be admitted to the hospital. However, after that Savita said that she is in financial trouble. Marathmol actor Sachin Pilgaonkar has commented on Savita’s condition. “I have no confidence in my career in Bollywood and need some money,” he said.

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Savita said that Sinta helped her but that help was also insufficient. In an interview given to a newspaper, Tendulkar said, ‘I think the film industry should come together and help them. Maybe the story hasn’t reached CINTAA yet or their help is insufficient. It is easy to blame others. But when we point a finger at others, we have the other four fingers. I am not blaming anyone. Don’t blame any artist. But anything can happen in our life at any time. Keeping money with you is very important. There should be savings.

Sachin further said, ‘You have to keep your savings. Anything can happen anytime. When you are an artist, you must be aware that your career has no credibility. Saving money is very important. When something like this happens, people hold the artist responsible for letting it happen. So we need to be careful. Also, Sachin advised young boys and girls not to spend on waffles.

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