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Sagarika Shona: Raj Kundra’s Nude Audition: Actress Sagarika Shona faces serious allegations. Actress Sagarika Shona said in an undated interview that Raj Kundra posted a nude audition of his Vasant

Actress, model Sagarika Shona

Actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband and business partner Raj Kundra was arrested in Mumbai on Monday for making and distributing pornographic films. An interview with actress and model Sagarika Shona regarding the arrest has gone viral. This was news in February 2021, although there was no information that the interview was portrayed as such; Now back to the foreground. Sagarika alleges that during her audition for a production company owned by Raj Kundra, Raj asked her to appear naked. Many actresses are accusing Raj Kundra at this time and the matter is getting serious.

In the video, Sagarika Shona tells about her experience. “I am a model and actress. I worked in this field for three-four years. But in August 2020 I have to accept some bitter experiences. During the lockdown (first lockdown) I got a call from Umesh Kamath. He got a call from Raj Kundra’s production web. Was invited to play a role in the series. When I asked him who Raj Kundra is, Umesh said, “Shilpa Shetty’s husband.”

“If you accepted the offer, you promised to go to the cinema. So I agreed to the audition. But when asked how to audition due to Kovid, he said that it can be given through video call. When I saw Joyan in a video call, he asked me to audition naked. To me, it was shocking denial. There were three in the video call. The one covering his face was Raj Kundra, I suspect. If they are involved in such racket then they should be arrested. Sagarika Raj Kundra had made a serious allegation.

On February 9, the police had arrested Umesh Kamath in the name of Sagarika. He was working in Raj Kundra’s company. Umesh Kamath was arrested for making and sharing obscene videos. The arrest of Umesh Kamath comes because of the information given after the arrest of actress Gehana Vashisth.

A total of eleven people have been arrested so far, police said. It is said that the arrest of Raj Kundra has been done after strong evidence. Many actresses including Sherlyn Chopra, Poonam Pandey have given statements against Raj Kundra, adding to the allegations of Raj.

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(Actress Sagarika Shona said in an undated interview that Raj Kundra auditioned her nude)

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