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Saif Ali Khan: Saif Ali Khan is the only Nawab, tenants asked for leakage and AC – The Kapil Sharma Show Saif Ali Khan gets calls from tenants about leakage and broken AC

Mumbai: There are lakhs of fans of The Kapil Sharma Show. If a new film is coming, the team of the film comes to the show to promote it. Many stories are heard in this program. A similar anecdote was shared by Saif Ali Khan and Jacqueline on the sets. In the show, Kapil asked Jacqueline about living in a rented house at Priyanka Chopra’s in Mumbai.

Nick Jonas Asks Priyanka Chopra To Worship God Every Day

She said, ‘Yes, at present I am living in Priyanka’s house. Her house is new and beautiful. After this Kapil asked Saif Ali Khan about renting his house. Saif said, ‘Yes, I too had taken a house on rent. As soon as this news was registered, it went viral on the internet. I had not even reached home till then.

must be a manager

Saif jokingly listened to tenants’ calls complaining that the AC was broken or the house was leaking. He said, ‘I get calls that the AC is broken, it is leaking somewhere. While attending this call I thought I really needed a manager. I was doing all this before,’ he said.

Pataudi Palace’s money goes to mother

Kapil congratulated Saif for the web series Tandav. He also asked about the income earned after renting the palace for shooting. Saif smiled and said that both of them are getting money. “The income from Pataudi Palace goes to mother Sharmila Tagore,” he said. Mother takes all the money. I am the Nawab by name only.’

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