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Salman Khan is taking a big risk in Dabangg series!

salman khan in radhe movie trailer

Salman Khan and Kichha Sudeep, who both appeared on the mainland, lost both the box office and critical reviews. Meanwhile, preparations for ‘Dabangg 4’ Modoche Salu are going on behind the scenes. The idea was both a surprise and a delight to fans.

There are enough examples of three-four films in a franchise. However, no filmmaker will ever go on the thrill of making a film again in the series. However, Salman Khan is taking a risk.

Salu played the role of Chulbul Pandey in the film ‘Dabangg 3’ which hit the screens in 2019, while Sudeep starred in Negative Shade. There were high expectations about this film. But, it was a pseudonym. Now, Sallu has announced what Dabangg 4 is doing.

Salu’s brother Arbaaz Khan has launched ‘Quick Heel Pinch Season 2’. The purpose of this program is to spread awareness about cyberbullying. Salman Khan has arrived as the first guest of Season 2. Dabangg 4 was in discussion at this time.

Arbaaz asked Salman Khan which cinema do you like – Dabangg 1,2,3 and 4. To which Salu replied ‘Dabangg 4’. Arbaaz said, ‘You have made an official announcement on this. Along with this, Salu Dabangg has confirmed the 4 Modiro issue.

Arbaaz has also produced three films of the Dabangg series. The first film was directed by Abhinav Kashyap, while Dabangg 2 was directed by Arbaaz Khan and Dabangg 3 by Prabhudheva. Aayush Sharma is playing the role of Salman Khan in Anthem Cinema. He is also working in Tiger 3.

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