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Salman Khan: Mahesh Manjrekar is worried about Salman, said- ‘Happy outside but alone inside’

MumbaiThe wedding wish of Bollywood’s popular actor Salman Khan is still in the minds of the fans. Viewers are eager to see their favorite actor climbing the ladder. But, Salman has always given a superficial answer regarding marriage. But when his marriage will take place, his family also needs an answer from Bollywood. In a recent interview, popular director Mahesh Manjrekar told about Salman’s condition. He shows that he is very happy from outside but he is lonely inside, Mahesh said.

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In an interview given to a radio channel, Mahesh said, ‘Sometimes it happens that I talk to Salman on a subject that others cannot talk about. I told Salman, why don’t you get married? I want to see your wedding. I want to see your baby. He avoids me for more than half the time. But I knew in that look that he needed someone to help me. Sometimes it seems that he is as lonely on the inside as he looks on the outside. He’s not interested in anything anyway. The house he lives in is a one bedroom flat. He is sleeping on the sofa in his house for more than half the time.

Manjrekar said, “No matter how successful Salman is, he will be a typical middle class man from inside. He has many friends. All is well but at some point they leave Salman and go home. Where will Salman go? For whom I think she should get married. Salman has always avoided the topic of his marriage. Salman’s ‘Final: The Final Truth’ is coming soon.

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