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Sanjay Narvekar once again in Marathi series; Entry will be in this series

Mumbai: The series ‘Tujya Ishqcha Nadkhula’ won the hearts of the audience in a short time. The series has now reached a very exciting turning point. Inspector Gautam Salvi is going to enter the series soon.

Viewers were curious about who would actually play the role of Gautam Salvi. Veteran actor Sanjay Narvekar will make his entry as Gautam Salvi. After many years, he is once again debuting in Marathi serial.

Inspector Gautam is a flamboyant, responsible and honest police officer. He is an honest police officer with mischievous and lively nature. They study everything deeply and deeply. The story of what really happened in the series with the arrival of Gautham Salvi will be revealed in the following episodes. But a new turn will definitely come in the life of Swati and Raghu.

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