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Sara’s movie review: Anna Ben Sunny Wayne Siddiqui starrer Sara’s Malayalam movie review Rating: {4.0/5

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A Feel Good Journey Through Sarah’s Dreams!

Sara’s Jude is a film directed by Anthony Joseph and starring Anna Ben Tittle in the lead role after a long hiatus. The film, which came to the audience as a direct OT release on Amazon Prime, focuses on a topical theme. ‘Saras’ offers a great experience which goes hand in hand with a very beautiful and flowing stream of scenic views. As the name suggests, the film is of Sara. The director presents an important theme in the life of a woman through her life.

In 2017, Supreme Court Justice AK Sikri’s remark that women have the right to make decisions in pregnancy made headlines. There are many women who become mothers without any mental preparation as per the decision of family, family, native and husband. There are people who sacrifice their dreams and even their careers for this.

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Anyone who asks whether the marriage was special before the last few months of marriage, should not worry about whether the girl is mentally ready to become a mother or not. There is a lot of discussion and debate going on on this issue. Director Judd and screenwriter Akshay Harish’s effort to present the subject through a girl’s perspective is commendable.

Sara’s dream is to become a film director. Sara is preparing to write the script for this. At the age of twenty-five, Sara had never thought of marriage. Sarah, unwilling to conceive, faces a life that thinks the same way. They are in love with each other. And that love gets married. It can be said that he did not have the patience to wait till the completion of the first film. Sara’s life is changing after marriage. The film clearly depicts a woman’s dream place and her post-marriage career. Saras’ life between the first film and pregnancy is a reminder of a woman’s right to make decisions in pregnancy.

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Not only the relevance of the subject matter, but the two hours of presentation and writing is also enough to draw the audience into the film. Cinematography by Nimish Ravi and music by Shaan Rahman keep the audience hooked to the film. The screen captures the attention of the audience in such a way that it does not let them think even once outside the film.

Anna Ben is able to perfect the character of Sarah who goes through various mental states. Anna has been successful in conveying Sara’s psyche to the audience in the right way. Sunny Wayne’s life also presents some of the best moments in front of the audience. The film also marks screenwriter Benny P Narambalam’s acting debut. After Ranji Panicker, Judd has appeared on screen as a character actor along with another prominent screenwriter. Although in real life the father and daughter did not get the benefit of this, but in real life this casting has been successful in giving a different look from the performance they have seen and experienced. The film stars Mallika Sukumaran, Dhanya Varma, Collector Bro Prashant Nair, IAS, Siddiqui, Siju Wilson and many others in small and big roles.

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The problems that any girl who has a dream have to face are also happening in Sara’s life. When the preferences of everyone in the family are given prominence, women are often kept away from their opinions or preferences. But as with Sarah’s life, Jude shows how much a woman’s position and her judgment have a place in matters, including pregnancy, and how much she deserves consideration. The film narrates the fact that marriage and pregnancy is not a hindrance to career and dreams, but pregnancy requires a woman’s mental preparation and consent.

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The two-hour long film attracts the audience not only with the relevance of the story but also with the hand-holding and smooth running of the presentation without thinking about the timing. Saras is definitely one of the best feel good movies to watch.

When it comes to Sarah’s dreams

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