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Shah Rukh Khan: ‘If you tell me what Shahrukh does for the society, your eyes will turn white!’

MumbaiActress Kiran Mane, who is playing the popular character of Vilas Patil in the small screen series ‘Mulgi Jhali Ho’, has written a special post on the birthday of Shahrukh Khan, the King of Bollywood. In this post, Kiran gives an account of some of the works that Shahrukh has done for the society till date. At the same time, it has been said that if the work done by Shahrukh Khan is mentioned, then the eyes of those who are angry with him will also turn white.

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While posting, Kiran wrote, ‘Don’t take anyone by your head, brothers! This ray is believed to be of earthy soil. Nobody appreciates it. The man in front is like a mountain. Why don’t you praise him? Even those criticizing him for what he does for the society will turn white. I am not telling the whole picture, I am only telling the ‘trailer’. Same – treatment of women suffering from acid attack. Doing expensive surgeries like plastic surgery on your deformed face at your own expense. To give them all possible financial help to help them stand on their feet by treating them mentally.

He has been doing all this work for the last several years. Food work brothers. He has set up a ward for the treatment of child cancer at Nanavati Hospital in the memory of his parents, for which he is continuously providing huge financial assistance. In 2012, he adopted 12 villages across the country. He provided electricity, water, schools and medicines at his own expense. He is still working to provide new facilities there.

Kiran further wrote, ‘In 2008, he did live concerts all over the world to help the Bihar flood victims and raised 30 lakh rupees. 1 crore for Chennai flood victims in 2015, 33 lakh for Uttarakhand flood victims in 2013. He paid Rs 25 lakh from his own pocket for Manmohan Singh’s ‘Tsunami Relief Fund’. The journalist had an accident while returning from the interview. He was seriously injured. The struggle began with the death. In such a situation, he took all the expenses till the recovery of the journalist, which was Rs 2 lakh per day.

He works with Make a Wish Foundation, a non-profit organization that fulfills the dreams and aspirations of children in slums across India. In 2009, he started self-financing solar power projects in 7 villages of Orissa. The result was that after 61 years of independence ‘electricity’ came in those villages. His team won the IPL season 7. I got Rs 15 crore as a reward. He donated all the money for the treatment of poor cancer patients in Mumbai and Kolkata. He raised crores of rupees by giving concerts across the world for the families of farmers who committed suicide in Maharashtra and gave 7 crore rupees for the soldiers of the Indian Army.

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During the coronation period, he gave his four-storey office to the BMC. In the lockdown, 1000 poor families of Mumbai were provided oil, flour, rice, pulses etc. Fresh food was provided to 2,000 people daily. We went to the far flung villages of Bengal to provide ration and sanitizer. There’s a lot of work to be done. I have to make at least ten such posts. Remember this Kiran Mane examines any person and salutes him. His work has got worldwide fame.

He has been awarded a special award at the 20th UNESCO Awards in Germany for his social work. South Korea honored him as the ‘Goodwill Ambassador’. He has been awarded a special doctorate by England’s largest law university for his work in human rights and access to justice and crime. He is not only the ‘King’ of acting, but also the ‘King’ of ‘man’. Congratulations Shahrukh Khan…Congratulations!! Any true Indian would be proud of you.. Happy Birthday from the bottom of my heart!!!’

Watch ‘Mannat’ on Shahrukh’s birthday, Roshani’s video

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