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Shahrukh Khan: Not because of acting but because of big nose, Shahrukh got his first job, read the story

MumbaiThe King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan is celebrating his 56th birthday on 2nd November. Shahrukh Khan achieved the status of King Khan in Bollywood on the basis of his acting. Shahrukh, who slept on the roadside with an earning of Rs 50, is now the owner of crores of rupees. The audience has to repent of Shahrukh’s films. Whatever Shahrukh did was discussed among the fans. But Shahrukh, who was making his name in Bollywood, got his first job because of his big nose. This was disclosed by Shahrukh himself in an interview.

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Born in 1965, Shahrukh Khan has worked in many big and small shows in Bollywood. After that Shahrukh decided to work in a film. Shah Rukh Khan got a chance to act in Hema Malini’s ‘Dil Aashna Hai’ in 1991. Although Shahrukh was a supporting actor in this film. Talking about the film in an interview, Shahrukh said that he got this film because of his nose.

During the shooting of the film, Hema Malini called Shahrukh and said, ‘Your nose is different from everyone else’. This nose has given you this opportunity. Shah Rukh said that he always used to hide his nose from others. Shahrukh did not like his name. But he did not know that Shahrukh would get the job as he was hiding his nose from everyone.

Shahrukh has mentioned all these incidents in his book ‘SRK-25 Years of Life’ written by Shahrukh after completing 25 years in Bollywood. There is no doubt that Shahrukh, who got the job because of the big nose, is ruling the minds of millions of viewers today.

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