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Shame on you… Dipika Kakar slams those who advise her to evict her family – Dipika Kakar slams

MumbaiVery popular small screen actress Deepika Kakkar and actor Shoaib Ibrahim are very active on social media. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to start their sporting activities. Shoaib and Deepika also have a YouTube channel. From there both are meeting the fans. In this, some users are also seen trying to troll Shoaib. Recently Deepika’s father-in-law fell ill and Dipika and Shoaib offered her their bedroom. However, since then a ruckus started on social media. Many people trolled him. Now, Dipika and Shoaib have recorded a video and pelted stones at the trollers.

who call me poor
Replying to the trollers, Deepika said, ‘Some girls just talk, my father-in-law is my father. It is not in their mind. But my father-in-law treats me like his daughter. For what happened, I gave my room to my father-in-law. Many users say that Deepika’s privacy is over. There is no such thing. I live with my husband 24 hours a day. Still, if you want more privacy, you’re wrong. Did I become pathetic by giving room to in-laws? Who do you call me poor, who are you to keep my family’s name?’

you should be ashamed
Hearing the advice to make the family homeless, Deepika said, ‘There is nothing like you in our family. This may be happening in your family. Some people advise me and Shoaib to throw our aunts and uncles out of the house. You should be ashamed I care about your family. How wrong is your way of thinking. How many people troll Shoaib? It is said that Deepika has been kept busy. Who gave you the right to decide? I work for my family. This is my house. If I say how I reached work, then I will not listen.’ By saying this, Dipika and Shoaib have advised the netizens.

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