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Sherlyn Chopra made shocking revelations in eight hours of interrogation, read what the police asked

Mumbai: The Mumbai Police on Friday conducted an eight-hour probe into Raj Kundra’s involvement in a pornography case. After questioning, Sherlyn Chopra discussed the issues with the media. He asked who the police were and what questions they asked. Sherlyn said that she had told the police about Raj Kundra and his work one by one.

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Speaking about the police investigation, Sherlyn said, “I was asked about Raj Kundra’s company Armsprime and my contract in 2019. I met Raj this time in a five star hotel. I told the police that his And what happened to me earlier. I said, we had a deal and after that we shot a lot of videos. Also who was present during this shoot? Also how many people were involved in shooting the video? And Raj Kundra’s hot Asked about shots and Bollywood fame app. Apart from this, the police also questioned Sherlyn Chopra that how many times Raj Kundra had come to her house and for what purpose.

Sherlyn said, ‘I get trolled when it comes to pornography. I shot for Playboy magazine in 2012. Of course it’s true, I didn’t mind a bold video shoot from the very beginning. But when people break the rules, we have to ask them questions. No one will tolerate illegal pornography. So the people who are trolling me and I’m thinking, we all see what’s wrong with porn. So the only thing I would say to them is that the government has banned all porn sites. This is a law and we don’t want to break it.

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Sherlyn Chopra has claimed that Raj Kundra misleads girls. He said, ‘I think the girls who have been misled are not aware of the laws related to pornography in India. Newcomers to the job market feel that it is not wrong for a person like Raj Kundra to do so. That’s why they believe and that’s where it all starts. I urge all the victims to come forward and tell how injustice has been done to you.

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