shibu g suseelan: a film that unites the basic workers in the film industry; Shibu G Sushilan wants Fefka to take initiative for this dream – fefka should take an initiative to make a film that includes all film union members, says producer shibu g suseelan


  • Shibu with a Facebook post
  • He has proposed a solution to the crisis in the film industry

Producer Shibu G. Sushilan urges FEFCA to come forward (for all unions) to make a film that includes business potential artists and technicians without remuneration for the basic workers of the film to live on.

7 directors put together the best 7 stories in anticipation of production costs,
With 7 cameramen, 7 editors, 7 music directors and so on, Shibu says that we can make a movie in 5 to 7 days very quickly by filming the best artists in Malayalam cinema with 7 units in different places at the same time.

I would be willing to give Rs. Shibu also said on social media that there is huge business potential on the popular OT platform if such a movie is made soon.

If the artist and everyone on the technical side work for free, the money from the business (including the other expenses of the film) can be handled very honestly and carefully so that we can move on with the lives of those around us. When the film started after the first phase of Corona, only about 1360 people got jobs out of more than 5000 members.

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200 out of 780 people in the outdoor unit, about 140 out of 265 people including assistant members in the makeup union and 100 out of 250 people in the cost union.
A maximum of 150 out of 485 drivers, approximately 200 out of 396 production assistants, approximately 150 out of 302 in the art section, about 450 out of 450 including the assistant manager in the production executive section and about 300 out of all other sections make a film like this.
The committee, which includes all union representatives, is investing in a new account
This can help those who are eligible for children’s education, medicine and food in times of need as well as in some critical situations like the Corona era.

Many people who have been in the movies for years are now suffering physically. They can also help a certain amount every month. During and after this last corona many people called me saying it was hard to live. Books, books, rent, medicine, etc. for children to study without knowing where they will be graded from … living …

In this way we can help our film workers like this. And then there are those who get paid over Rs 10 lakh for a movie as well. Profitable filmmakers can also contribute a certain amount to this fund
We can take care of their family too.

From this fund a health insurance and death fund for the family in case of death of a member can be implemented. Bank loans, neighborhood loans, current bills, phone bills, cable TV, tuition fees and other liabilities are lined up. None of this can be excluded from our absence.

A helping hand from this is essential for 65% of our members. Let us work together for the survival of our colleagues so that we do not have to raise our hands in front of anyone anymore
For a better tomorrow without hunger and poverty, says Shibu ji Sushilan.

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