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Shikha Tansalia’s Marathi debut with ‘Shanti Kranti’

Mumbai: For the last few years, Bollywood actors have been attracted towards Marathi films. Many actors have started expressing their desire to work in Marathi films. In such a situation, the possibility of many Hindi actors appearing in Marathi films in the near future cannot be ruled out. Along with this, the Marathi web world has also started identifying them. Recently the trailer of Marathi series ‘Shanti Kranti’ was released. It featured actress Shikha Tansalia. The audience was stunned to see this. In this series, and in the lead role. The story of the series revolves around the friendship of the three. Shikha will play the role of a yoga instructor. She has learned Marathi in the shortest possible time. Talking about the whole experience, Shikha says, ‚ÄúLearning Marathi was challenging. But the series writer Chetan was very helpful. He taught me a lot. Also the whole team was ready to help me. Now it will be interesting to see what these cast members do in the series.

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