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‘Shilpa was a director in Raj’s every company, it all knows’; Model’s sensational allegation

Mumbai: Shilpa Shetty’s husband and businessman Raj Kundra has been arrested for making obscene videos and uploading them on the site. The court has ordered to keep him in police custody till 23rd. After the arrest of Raj, all eyes are now on the role of Shilpa Shetty in this case. Shilpa’s name has not come up in the police investigation so far. But model Sagarika Shona Suman has made a sensational allegation saying that Shilpa was fully aware of this.

wife knows her husband’s story

The police had registered a case against the pornography case in February. At that time, model Sagarika Shona was the first to suspect Raj Kundra’s involvement in the case. Later a thorough police investigation found strong evidence against Raj and he was arrested. After Raj’s arrest, Sagarika Shona told a news channel, ‘Raj’s wife Shilpa Shetty was fully aware of the matter. Because he is a director in every company of Raj. How can it be that the director of that company does not know what is happening in the company? So the police should also investigate Shilpa. I am sure she knows all about this porn racket.

i will definitely help the police

Sagarika further said in an interview to the news channel, ‘If Mumbai Police calls me for questioning in this matter, then I will definitely go and help them. The call I got during the audition was a WhatsApp call. So I couldn’t record it. Otherwise I could have given it to the police as evidence.

demand to send nude video on whatsapp

Sagarika had earlier shared a video on social media. In the video, she said that she auditioned for a web series through video call. The audition was conducted by Raj Kundra, his partner Umesh Kamath and another person. This man was wearing a mask. While the audition was going on, Raj Kundra asked her to give a nude audition. But he flatly refused to do so.

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