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Shreyas Talpade and Prarthana Behere return to the world of TV; Shining in the lead role

Mumbai Times Team

In the Corona era, the entire clock of entertainment has come to a standstill. During this OTT (Over the Top) entertained the audience a lot. As a result, most of the viewers turned away from TV. Channels are trying hard to bring the same audience back on TV.

The series currently sees several established faces. Fans of popular artists can find good choices on TV series and programs. In such a situation, many big faces are seen on the small screen at this time. Umesh Kamat, Mukta Barve, Sachin Khedekar, Ajinkya Dev, Sanjay Narvekar all appear on TV.

Now two more artists will be added to this list. Shreyas Talpade and Prarthana Behre are rumored to be seen in a series. It is learned that a new series will start soon and both will be seen in the lead roles. Although no official announcement has been made about this, but it is being said that the first glimpse of the series will be seen in a few days.

Shreyas and Prarthana are returning to the TV world after many years on the occasion of this series. Both of them started their career through this medium. Now the audience is desperate to see him once again in the series.

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