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Shruti Haasan Boyfriend Name: Who is the new boyfriend of actress Shruti Haasan? Kamal gave this answer to his daughter! Salar actress Shruti Haasan reveals she was the first to say I love you Santanu Hazarika

We have seen actress Shruti Haasan making news for boyfriends apart from films. Previously, she was dating a foreign boyfriend. But, it did not last long. The name tuning is also heard with some heroes. Quit all, now Tuning’s got a new boyfriend. Santu has started dating the doodle maker named Hazarika.

When did this idea come up?
The name of the tuning has been the name of a saint for the past year. But no one commented on this. This issue has come to the fore when Instagram has disclosed. There are some questions on the reels. The question of both of you was that who said I love you first. Shruti Haasan believes that ‘I am…’. There is sure to be a saint and a tuning relationship.

Tuning breakup with exotic lover
For some time away from films, she was dating foreign-born artist Michael Corcell. This couple knew their love affair. Michael was present at Shruti Haasan’s house. Michael had met Shruti’s parents. Michael played the role of a Russian warrior in Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam 2. Everyone thought that he would enter into marriage. Meanwhile, Michael announces that they are moving away.

“I have financial problem. I have to work to make EMI” – Shruti Haasan

On his Instagram, ‘Life has brought us both in different ways. Unfortunately, both of us have to walk a lonely path. Yet this young woman has remained my best friend ever since. I feel proud to be a lifelong friend of her,’ he wrote.

Shruti Haasan was happy on her father’s divorce! Why did Kamal’s daughter feel like this?

Actress Shruti Haasan is present in Sakhat Busy. Last year, 5 of them were released. New films Salar and Nandamuri Balakrishna are likely to release this year.

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