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Sneha and Avishkar: BBM3: Discovery secretly gave Sneha a birthday present, as soon as the truth is discovered… – Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Sneha Wagh’s birthday was celebrated at Bigg Boss house Avishkar Darvekar

MumbaiThe popular program of the small screen ‘Bigg Boss Marathi’ is very much discussed among the audience. The tasks in Bigg Boss, the fights of the members are being liked by all the viewers. The most talked about members of the house are Avish Darvekar and Sneha Wagh. Sneha and Avishkar came together in the Bigg Boss house for the first time after their divorce. Recently Sneha’s birthday was celebrated at home. This time the invention also secretly gave a gift to Sneha.

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The cake sent by her mother for Sneha’s birthday was cut at home. Sneha was very happy seeing the cake sent by her mother. Everyone was involved in wishing Sneha a birthday. But this discovery did not do any good to Sneha. So he had already given a T-shirt to Trupti Desai as a gift for Sneha. After cutting the cake, Trupti gave a gift to Sneha. However, despite repeated requests from Sneha, Tripti does not invent Sneha’s name. Then Surekha Kudchi tells Sneha about the discovery of the T-shirt. Sneha also smiled happily.

Then Sneha also asked Avishkar to eat cake. Avishkar ate cake after Sneha’s speech. Till then, Avishkar was looking away from the birthday party and the happiness on Sneha’s face. Fans have expressed hope that the bitterness between Sneha and Avishkar will ease a bit after the separate incidents in the house.

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