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So the heroine slapped the hero 30 times

Mumbai: This series got a good response from the audience. The second season of the series is also in discussion. A case during the shooting of this series has gone viral. Actor Nikhil Bhambri was slapped more than 30 times while filming a scene in the series. In one scene of the series, there is a scene that makes his face shudder. This happened during its shooting. Nikhil says about his experience, ‘We are shooting in Uttarakhand. The filming experience is special to me. The same thing happened during filming. I remember that day. This day was a bit difficult for me. In one scene, Mrinmayee touches the lobe of my ear. There were some similar retakes of this scene as well. So much retaking, that in the end my cheeks turned red. The shooting time was midnight. The temperature was dropping below zero and our filming was never ending. To make this scene look real, I asked him to play it very loudly in my ear so that my facial expressions looked real. We retweeted this scene over thirty times; But every time something went wrong. In the end, she also wanted to apologize to me. Actually, these things are part of the filming. That is what happens in it. When the filming was over, we all sat together and laughed a lot. Nikhil is filming a romantic story with this series, he will soon announce what it is.

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