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Soha Ali Khan shares cute picture of Inaaya and Jahangir’s first Rakhi Maharashtra Times

Mumbai: Soha Ali Khan has shared a beautiful photo of her daughter Inaaya and Saif-Kareena’s youngest son Jahangir on Instagram. This picture depicts the innocent love between these chimuradya brothers and sisters. This was Jahangir’s first Rakshabandhan in six months. So Inaaya Tai expressed a lot of love to her younger brother. Sharing this photo, Soha wrote that she has also tagged Kareena while sharing the ‘First Rakshabandhan’ photo.

Earlier, Inaaya had tied a rakhi to Taimur. Soha has also shared a photo of herself. Inaaya is seen sitting on Soha’s lap, while Taimur is seen tying Rakhi on Saif’s lap. Soha said that this time she is missing Ibrahim and daughter Sara Ali Khan.

Recently Saif Ali Khan and Kareena went for a holiday in Maldives with their two kids. At the same time, Saif’s 51st birthday was celebrated. This time Kareena has shared beautiful pictures of her family. All of them had returned to Mumbai from Maldives on the day of Rakshabandhan. After that Rakshabandhan was celebrated at his house.

The names of both the children of Kareena were criticized

There was a lot of controversy regarding the names of the children of both Kareena and Saif. Both Kareena and Saif were heavily trolled on social media for naming their two children Taimur and Jahangir. When Taimur was born in 2016, there was a lot of controversy about his name. How can someone name your baby Taimur? Such questions were asked. Timur was the name of a Turkish king who invaded India. It invaded India and wreaked havoc in India.

After it was revealed that Saif and Kareena’s second child’s name is Jahangir, both were once again trolled on social media. He was sharply criticized. Of course, Kareena and Saif ignored this criticism and made it clear that they do not care about this criticism.

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