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Sonu Sood emotional letter with mother’s photo; Here are the lines which are captivating..

Sonu Sood’s emotional letter with mother’s photo

Actor Sonu Sood has a special place in the minds of millions. He has earned more fans from his social service than he has earned through cinema. The help he provided during the lock down was negligible. Saroj Sood is the one who gave birth to such a real hero. But he left the world many years ago. Today (June 21) is Saroj Sood’s birthday. Sonu Sood wrote a letter in memory of Amrita Amrita.

‘Wish you Happy Birthday Mom. I wish I had to hug you every year and make a wish. I want to thank you for teaching me life lessons. I swear that I will do my job well and you will be proud,” wrote Sonu Sood.

‘These messages can’t tell you how much I miss you. Without you my life is empty. I can’t fill that void until I see you again. Enjoy wherever you are. guide me Sonu Sood has completed the letter ‘Love You Amma’.

Sonu Sood has shared three beautiful pictures of his mother. This post is going viral. More than seven and a half lakh people are liking this post. Thousands of people have wished Happy Sons Birthday through comments.

Sonu Sood is busy in many films while doing social work. People no longer like to see him in negative shades as he was cast as a villain. He has acted in films like Telugu Acharya, Hindi Prithviraj and Kisan.

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