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Sonu Sood: Sonu Sood wrote a letter to his mother, know about the actor who got into controversy – About Sonu Sood

Mumbai: Actor Sonu Sood is in a lot of discussion right now. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has accused Sonu and his associates of tax evasion of Rs 20 crore. Board officials said that when the Income Tax Department raided Sonu and his associates in Lucknow, Sonu showed disproportionate earnings in the form of loans.

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The CBD had raided a 48-year-old actor and a business group in Lucknow on September 15. This press release is currently in progress. CBDT officials said that raids at the homes and offices of the actor and his associates have found evidence of tax evasion. For this reason, actor Sonu Sood is in the headlines at the moment. Earlier the image of Sonu as the messiah was created with the help of migrant workers.

During the first and second wave of Corona, Sonu helped many needy people. During this, citizens desperate to get help from the government had sought help from Sonu Sood on social media. Sonu Soodne also helped many people. Let us now know from Sona Sood, who was born in Moga, Punjab.

Sonu Sudan was the first to advertise shoes

Sonu had advertised shoes for the first time in his career. He remembered this in an interview. He had said, ‘When the advertisement was done, I was told that I would be given Rs 3,000 a day. He was to get Rs 9,000 in that account. A month can be spent on this. That’s how I worked in the beginning.

Mother’s letters are kept even today

When Sonu Sood came to Mumbai to become an actor, his mother used to write to him daily. Sonu still keeps his mother’s letters. The actor said that he asked his mother why do you write to me when we talk to each other every day? To which his mother replied, ‘When I am not in this world then these letters will be a document for you.’ From 1992 to 2007, Sonu Soodne took great care of his mother’s letters. He still has these letters, and he often reads them. He feels that he is talking to his mother after reading these letters.


Sonu’s father was a businessman and his mother was a teacher.

Sonu Sood was born on 30 July 1976 in Moga, Punjab in a middle class family. His father’s name is Shakti Kapoor Sood and mother’s name is Saroj Sood. His father owned a sari shop and his mother was a teacher in a government school. Sonu’s childhood was spent in the streets of Moga village. From an early age, he was an expert in studies. His family was hopeful that Sonu would get a government job. So he did engineering. While doing this study, the idea of ​​going into the field of acting came in his mind.

Reached Mumbai with Rs 5,500

In Sonu’s case, it is said that when he came to Mumbai, he had only Rs 5,500 in his pocket. Sonu had traveled by train with a pass of Rs 100 during his struggle. Today Sonu owns a 2,600 sq ft 4 BHK flat in Lokhandwala area of ​​Andheri, Mumbai. In this he has done like interior architecture.


fell in love with reading

Sonu’s wife Sonali is a resident of South. Sonu and Sonali were married in 1996. The two met while studying engineering in Nagpur. After this Sonu moved to Mumbai to try his luck in the field of acting. Sonu Sudan had said in an interview that, ‘Ganeshotsav is being celebrated in Mumbai for the last 20 years. He can help the poor and needy only with the blessings of Lord Ganesha.

fraud case against sonu

A false complaint was filed against Sonu Sood in 2013. Filmmaker Sheetal Talwar had filed the complaint. Sonu had rented a property to Talwar. There was no legal dispute over this property. The complaint was made on the basis of that. After that Sonu Sood Kangana Ranaut’s film Manikarnika was also discussed.

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Sonu played an important role in this film. Still, he left the film midway. There was a lot of controversy about that. Sonu said that Kangana had sought help while directing the film. He showed readiness for it. But when he looked at some of the scenes he had filmed, he noticed that 80 percent of his scenes were cut.

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