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State of Siege : Temple Attack Movie Review : Siege of the Kingdom : Temple Attack Movie Review Rating, Rating : {3.0 / 5}

-Sandeep Santosh-

Siege situation – Akshaye Khanna’s move did not go wrong

Bollywood actor Akshaye Khanna has made his debut with the new C5 film ‘State of Siege: Temple Attack’. Starring Gautam Rode, Vivek Dahiya, Abhimanyu Singh, Akshay Oberoi and Sameer Soni, the film is inspired by real events. The action thriller is directed by Ken Ghosh.

In 2002, two terrorists attacked the Akshardham temple in Gujarat, killing at least 30 people and injuring several others. One such plot is seen in the State of Siege. The film shows four terrorists breaking into a temple called Krishnadham in Gujarat, killing several and capturing the rest, while NSG commandos handle the situation. Akshaye Khanna will play the lead role of NSG commando Major Hanut Singh in the film.

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The film begins with an old mission of Major Hanut Singh. Although the mission was successful, Hanut Singh was devastated by the death of his colleague. The film tells the story of how Major copes when such a situation comes up again.

Going into the analysis of the film, first of all there is something to be said about the story. The story close to real life is thrilling and patriotic as well as leaves the audience stunned. Although they are featured regularly in army-police tales, they do not affect the film.

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Although Akshardham is not close to the temple, the temple involved and its scenery connect the viewer to the image. The script of the film is average. Though the first half was not badly written, the second half did not show any significant developments or twists. But this cannot be underestimated, as the simple story gives the film a realistic feel without further distorting the actual incident.

The screenplay’s biggest drawback was the screenplay’s inability to clearly mark the characters on the canvas. The central character played by Akshaye Khanna is given some depth but more boundaries.

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Although there are many characters like NSG commandos, common people trapped in the temple, temple workers and media persons, none of them have been made to benefit the film.

Though all the actors did their job well, the limitations of the script did not allow the characters to come close to the audience.

Akshaye Khanna did well as always. Akshaye Khanna is one of the most sought after actors in Bollywood irrespective of his talent. Anyway the actor is expected to benefit from the change in OTD.

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Kartik Shah has given background music of the film. The cinematography was also impeccable, but the cinematic feel did not come out of the scenes. Many of the web image’s limitations were evident on the screen. Perhaps the film would have been more entertaining if it had been produced well enough for a theatrical release on a slightly higher budget, and the story had everything it needed to.

Director Ken Ghosh has made the film attractive as it is about the Akshardham attack that shook India and was narrated by the National Security Guard. The presence of Akshaye Khanna also helped the director. The story was so predictable that the director needed to be able to capture the audience through the presentation.

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But the director could not give more than the first impression to the audience. We are all aware of the training and capabilities of NSG commandos. The people of the world have experienced their potential on many important occasions including the Akshardham attack. Although the film focused on the National Security Guard, there were some thrilling scenes in State of the Seas. Often the directors could not even envision the functioning of the NSG accurately.

The action sequences have not created much stir. The film manages to entertain the audience on very few occasions. One such exercise is a scene in which the protagonist rips apart the theater screen.

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Factors such as action and visual effects can have a profound effect on pleasure. The action is at the fore of what the audience expects from it, especially when it comes to the theme of the NSG mission. ‘State of CG’ also has action, adventure, struggle, emotions and patriotism. But the experience gained from films like ‘Uri’ should not be expected from this film.

There is no point in expecting all the elements of theatrical experience in a film to be released on C5. Like the ‘State of Siege 26/11’ series of C5, the picture presented from the perspective of NSG commandos will never be boring. ‘SOS: Temple Attack’ can be considered a satisfying film for those who try to watch without expecting much.

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