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‘Student took photo while working as yoga instructor and started his journey in cinema’

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After playing the role of ‘My Husband’s Wife’ in the ‘Sameera’ series, Meera appeared in front of the audience in the role of ‘Momo’. Possessing a passion for reading, yoga and fitness, Meera from Pune also works as a yoga instructor in many places across the country. Working as a yoga instructor, a student took a picture of Meera and sent it to an advertising agency. From there she got modeling offers and her journey started. She wants to play a negative role in the future.

Lost in the role…
When asked by your co-stars why you get lost in the role of ‘Momo’, Meera says, ‘It’s true. Even when I talk to my co-stars, even my parents, I have become used to speaking and pronouncing Momo. Even after going home, he said, come out of the role, everyone says. Fans are liking this role a lot, it is even more fun to play this role. When she auditioned, she became known as the American Return Girl. Slowly that role blossomed. I have never done make-up like her, and it is not like that at all, so it was a challenge to play this role.’

friendship on set

He has a great rapport with his co-stars in the series. She says, “It was the first day of the series and I was shooting with Shubhangi Gokhale and Aditi Sarangdhar. Frightened. He understood patiently. There Aditi was taking care of me so much that I remembered my mother. I used to cry next to him. Be it series or personal, she understood a lot. His advice has always been valuable to me. I still miss my mother when Shubhangitai came in front of me. Being away from home, we put a kitchen in the hotel room. When Aditi starts shooting, I cook and do ervi.

mental health …
The past few years have been difficult for artists. Meera says, ‘I am very excited like this. He has been living alone in Mumbai for the last four years. There is time to practice. We are working at Biobubble when it comes to out-of-state filming. you don’t want to be out of the house or go home after work; So even the thought of going into the room was stressful. At first the matter seemed quite disturbing. We are working to encourage each other. Some are away from their parents and some are away from their children. When you come here, you know what it’s like to live life outside the box. Now there is an urgent need to travel outside. Maths, yoga, jogging and proper diet are the maths we have gathered. Since both Aditi and I are fitness enthusiasts, it goes together.’

got rich walking
Meera also likes to travel as a solo traveller. She says, ‘There is no other pleasure than walking alone. Find out what you can spend on a budget. The experiences are enriching. You experience people you don’t even know, their nature, customs, food culture. This wandering introduces you to a different world. Teaches to live outside the box and think of man as a man. After wandering here and there in Himachal Pradesh, I felt that the door of a different world of wandering had opened for me. Everyone should experience it at least once.’

The time to be sensitive to the environment has also passed. The more environmentally friendly our lifestyle, the stronger we will be. This should be considered.

Meera Jagannath

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