surabhi lakshmi childhood video: The camera is already weak! Actress Surabhi Lakshmi – Childhood video goes viral – Actress Surabhi Lakshmi’s childhood video goes viral


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With Kovid being locked down everywhere due to the second wave, many film stars have found their own time away from the shooting rush. Many spend time with their families. That is why everyone is active on social media. Now an old video shared by actress Surabhi Lakshmi has gone viral on social media.

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Surabhi shared a video of her youth on Facebook. “The camera has been weak for a long time. I can see the joy, laughter and wonder on my face when Mangad Babuvettan first handed over the camera.

Watch the video shared by Surabhi Lakshmi

Surabhi appears in the video with an innocent smile, showing the joy, laughter and wonder of getting a camera in her hand for the first time. In the background of the video we can hear the main song of the wedding videos of that period, “Yathra Thudarunnu Shubhayatra Thudarunnu” Surabhi is also very interesting with very interesting comments and replies to them below the post.

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