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Talking about Leander, Mahima Choudhary said, “He will be great as a player, not as a man.”

Mumbai: Currently Indian tennis player Leander Paes and actress Kim Sharma are dating. The photo of both of them in a romantic mood in Goa has become viral on social media. Against this backdrop, Leander Paes’ ex-girlfriend Mahima Choudhary has criticized him for being great as a player but not being loyal as a man.

Leander is not as loyal as a man

Mahima started her career in Bollywood with the film ‘Pardes’ released in 1997. This film also made him popular. Mahima was in a relationship with tennis player Leander Paes at that time. But their relationship did not last long. Mahima Chaudhary shared her experience of being in a relationship with Leander Paes in an interview. He may be great as a tennis player, but my experience with him as a man is not good, he lamented. “Leander and I were dating,” Mahima said in the interview. Yet his affair with Rhea Pillai begins. The day-to-day closeness between them created tension in our relationship and we parted ways.

Mahima further said in her interview, ‘Of course, I was not surprised by his behavior. That’s when I found out that he was hanging out with another girl. I asked him about this too. But he never gave a satisfactory answer. Eventually he left my life. Of course, his departure didn’t make much of an impact on my life. But I learned a lot from this experience. I began to look at life more deeply. I think he cheated on Rhea even after that.’

Mahima married architect Bobby Mukherjee in 2006. A few months later, she gave birth to a daughter, Ariana. But Mahima and Bobby’s marriage did not last long. Both have been living separately since 2013. But they are not divorced. But Mahima took the responsibility of taking care of the child.


Tennis player Leander Paes and actress Kim Sharma are currently dating. After some pictures of both of them in Goa went viral on social media, the discussion on their relationship has started.

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