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Tejshree Pradhan: How are these women… Tejshree Pradhan will now be seen in a different style- Tejshree Pradhan Abhijeet Khandakekar

Mumbai: Diwali is just a few days away. Apart from outlining the brother-sister relationship set against the backdrop of Diwali, a short film titled ‘Kasha Ho Ya Baika’ based on women doing triple exercises like Ghar, Duniya and Naukri has also been screened. Actress Tejshree Pradhan and Abhijit Khandkekar will work together for the first time in this short film. Also, the audience will see both of them in a different way. Another highlight of this short film is that Mayur More, the lead actor of the web series ‘Kota Factory’ is making his debut in the Marathi entertainment world. Titled ‘How These Wives Are’, this short film is dedicated to all those women who strike the right balance between home, family and their careers. ‘Cotton King’ is a short film that touches the hearts of women.

Short film will be seen on this social media
The short film ‘How Are This Woman’ will be available on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Produced by Awesome Creatives, the short film is directed by Vaibhav Pandit. It is written by Monica Dharankar.

Representing a new generation of thought
An important message is conveyed through this short film in a fluid, light and gentle manner. So this short film represents the vision of a new generation. Although it is a special short film about brothers and sisters, the story is not just about sisters. She expresses the sentiments of majority of women in our society. Tejashree, Abhijeet and Mayur have done their job well.

Vaibhav Pandit, Founder and Creative Director, Adbhut Creatives said, “It has been discussed, brainstormed and written many times. Then we got the right vein of the right story for this short film. In doing so, CottonKing gave us freedom and their support was invaluable.

Kaushik Marathe of CottonKing said, “Women who are an integral part of our lives are playing different roles at different levels. Their strings are blown in playing these roles, but still the men of the house always see them. Let’s take it lightly. For us, this short film is not just a work of art. That’s why we salute every woman’s work.’

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