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The beauty of water in the drying rivers and streams; Aside from the torrential rain! | Farmers of Chikkaballapur, happy with the rain and heavy rains, flooded the Uttara Pinakini river

rain water is an aquatic plant

Chikkaballapur: Chikkaballapur district, which is facing severe drought, has raised some hope this time. The continuous rain on Saturday night made the farmers happy by filling the water of the locks. Srinivas Ocean Reservoir in Chikkaballapur Taluk receives 172 mm of rainfall. The North Pinakini River, which is the heaviest river in the district, has been drying up for decades and the river area is a ditch. But the farmers are happy that the North Pinakini River has been visible due to the continuous rain throughout the night.

The Chitravati river, which reaches Andhra via Baghepalli in the district, has been dry for some years. But the torrential rain of the night has come to life and the river is in spate. Due to this the local farmers could see the water flowing in the river. The rivers which did not see water for some years proved their existence in one night. Farmers are hoping that thousands of kitchens will be improved if this continues for a week.

Some farmers upset due to rain
Farmers are also reeling from the rain, with two feet of water in the orchards of vegetable crops like Savanti, roses, and beans, which are grown on tens of acres in the backwaters of the taluka lake in the Malappanahalli area. Taluka.

Hobli in Chikkaballapur Kasaba has received 80.4 mm of rain and some old houses have collapsed at Subbarayana in Chikkaballapur town. Similarly, residents of wards 8 and 9, which are in Thirmeguda lake area, have been flooded with water. Rain water also enters the houses through the drainage, which causes disease.

Trees in Nandi Hills
Huge eucalyptus trees were blocked from the road on Nandibetta Road in the taluk. The police allowed the locals to clear it by removing it from the traffic. Altogether overnight – the river, river, lake, which has dried up in the open due to torrential rains, the water has again drenched in the farmer’s mouth.

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