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The Family Man 2 review: Even if sexual harassment has been a brutal face in the past

Manoj Baz Paye, Samantha Akkineni

Before the release of the web series, ‘The Family Man 2’ was in a lot of controversies. Many people who watched the trailer came to the conclusion that ‘Tamils ​​are portrayed as terrorists in this web series’. Also, shame on you is Samantha. There is no such reference in the entire web series. Raj and DK are credited with directing the story in a balanced acting form.

Shrikant Tiwari (Manoj Baz Pei) quits TASC job and joins IT job. He intends to spend more time with his wife (Priyamani) and children. IT work can be boring for Srikkanth who is looking to make a living. At this point the mission begins. Srikanth resigns from IT job, rejoins TASC, from there the story unfolds.

The first season was such a hit that the audience had high hopes on the second season. Raj and DK have not kept this expectation. Viewers will be watching 9 episodes. Raj and DK are successful again through season 2. Some of the main characters in the first season continue into Season 2. A link to it too. The director has not forgotten to mention the Pakistani ISI.

Samantha Akkineni was in the news long before the release of Season 2. She is seen as Rajalakshmi Chandran (compromised). Every time she is seen in a glamorous look, Samantha has replaced Avatar. Raji (Samantha), who works in a garment factory in Chennai, is innocent. She does not publicly oppose sexual harassment. But, within a few minutes the picture changes. The real face of compromise has come to the fore.

This is the background of this agreement. He is an important member of the rebel group. Compromise is the key to the conspiracy to assassinate the Prime Minister of the country. This compromise is going to shock you in some scenes. Killing him is as easy as drinking water. Do not laugh even for a moment in web series! Compromise can bring happiness but you cannot get it. It’s really great that Samantha accepted the role and played it fairly. It is very different from the role he played earlier.

Now, Srikanth (Manoj Baz Pei) is a TASC senior officer. He has got a lot of attention throughout the web series. There is nothing like talking about his acting. Srikanth, who didn’t pay much attention to family in season one, is the family man in season 2. Talking about his acting can be a bit difficult for you to imagine. As such, it is important to see. The comedy itself is shown brilliantly. It is clear that the story is intertwined without any direct mention of the LTE issue.

Also, not every character in the web series is unnecessary. JK (Sharib Hashmi), Suchitra (Priyamani), Sajid (Shahab Ali), Major Sameer (Darshan Kumar) are the main characters. Like the web series, the background music will also be liked by the audience. Some scenes can take you to the bank of the river. The web series has a lot of visuals to make you laugh. Editing by Sumeet Kotila is commendable. Cameron Eric scored high in photography. The story is not confined to Chennai but often travels to Mumbai, Sri Lanka, London and France.

Coronavirus is widespread across the world. There is also news that this is a Chinese trick. With this thought, the Family Man 3 season has come to an end. You get a notice at the end of season 2. However, there is no surprise as soon as this announcement is made.

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