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The fans don’t deserve it; Netizens were surprised to see this video of Kajol

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kajol is quite popular. The popular actress celebrated her 47th birthday on 5th August. At that time some of his fans had brought cakes from his house. But some such scenes were filmed in the video and the video went viral. The users got very angry and started trolling Kajol.

Kajol is everyone’s favorite actress. The fans of his films are spread everywhere. Kajol also has a lot of fans on social media. Kajol has 11.5 million users on Instagram alone. But Kajol’s strange behavior has angered social media users. These users have started expressing their traga, raga through comments.

What actually happened

Some fans had gathered outside her house to celebrate Kajol’s birthday. Some of these ardent fans brought him cakes. Kajol leaves her house to cut the cake brought by the fans. As some fans pass the cake they brought, Kajol is seen extending her hand instructing them to wait as long as possible and cut the cake as far as possible. She stays with the fans for a few seconds. Taking photos while going inside by creating social distance with some. In this video, Kajol’s body language was quite dry and she started trolling on social media.

Many people on social media have expressed their anger by throwing stones at him. One user wrote, ‘She may have forgotten where she has reached today because of these people. Her behavior is such that she is doing these people a great favor…’ Another user wrote, ‘Why don’t these people think fans should be respected. I don’t even understand why people follow him. Stop paying the price to these stars, then see how straight they will be…’

Another user wrote, ‘What stupid people. What kind of cake do you bring them? Instead, he would spend more time with his parents at home. What could have gone wrong?’ So another wrote, ‘Hey, why is there no dislike button… he has a lot of attitude…’ Another user wrote, ‘Behavior is like doing something nice. Enough is enough… These people act in real life too.


Many people have also criticized such fans. One has written, ‘Why do you take so many? These artists are not interested in cutting the cake. She would have been happier if she had taken home the cake instead of bringing it for her parents or children…’ Another wrote, ‘She is a proud woman. These people do not deserve the love of the fans. Instead of celebrating the birthday of a poor, orphan boy…’

After this Kajol celebrated her birthday with the family. Ajay Devgan also wrote a special message for Kajol and wished her a happy birthday.

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