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The fort was difficult to climb; But… Urmila shares her trekking experience

Urmila Kothare

I am fond of trekking since childhood. I often went for trekking in school and college. We had a trekking group. For the first time in my life, I felt the same feeling when I was going for a trek. Earlier, when I was in college, I did trekking in the Himalayas.

But this is the first time I have trekked in the rain. He had been sitting at home since the lockdown began. Even if you have fun at home, going out and traveling is satisfying. Choreographer Phulwa Khammar’s daughter Asma has completed her long trekking trek. I was overjoyed when Asma told me that I had decided to go to the Sondai Fort.

After waiting for many days, it is a lot of fun to go out and go straight for trekking. I had kids half my age with me on this trek. Amidst all this, I was able to relive my college days once again. The trek was organized by a travel company. They took us by bus to the trekking site. This journey will always be remembered in life.

Falling while climbing the fort, I wanted to keep going. Trekking is a great option if he wants to experience nature. The fort was difficult to climb; But that’s the real fun. I didn’t have much trouble climbing the fort; But it is true that it took a lot of hard work. Bored in stressful life, we have to go out from time to time to do something different.

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