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The girl is gone! Singer Savani Ravindra gets Kanya Ratna

Mumbai: National Award winning singer Sawani Ravindra and her husband Dr. Lakshmi arrived at Ashish Dhande’s house on Saturday. Both of them have got the Kanya Ratna. Sawani posted on Instagram three days ago. In this we were told that we were eagerly waiting for the baby to come.

In May, by posting a photo on social media, Sawani gave the good news to the fans that she was pregnant. After this, he shared a beautiful photo of the dinner on social media.

Sawani shared a post on social media during pregnancy. In this he had said, ‘I have such supernatural feelings in my mind right now. Which I can’t even describe in words. To date, as a singer, I have sung a variety of songs about motherhood. I had previously sung lullabies, dohal bhojan songs, rain songs. But now I am going to go into that role myself. That’s why I am also very eager to experience my mother…’

He wrote such a post. She calls her baby lucky charm in this post. He wrote, ‘I had received such a prestigious national award in my life when my baby was in the womb. Also in the last six months I have shot many different music albums, new songs, some projects during my pregnancy. Most of the songs have been released. Some songs will be released soon…’

Sawani and Dr. Ashish Dhande were married in 2018. Now a beautiful flower in the form of Lekki has blossomed on his Sansaraveli.

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