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The hobby of painting saved a coroner’s life; Prarthana Bahri tells her experience

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When I was in New Era School in Baroda, I fell in love with painting. Hours of painting made me yearn for it. Primary and Intermediate painting competitions were also given as the preferred subject. However, the attitude towards art as a career; At the same time, I did not get the opportunity to go into this field due to the mentality of getting a secondary place than other education. I used to get a good percentage academically in other subjects; So there was a fear of being left behind in the painting, and that’s exactly what happened. At the behest of my father, I had to go to science. I really wanted to do fine arts after 12th science. That’s what I asked my father; But it was not approved. As a result, the painting remained with me. Got out of hand too. There was no time for photographs in the rush of studies after class 12th. Later he came to Mumbai. Did journalism. Even then we didn’t realize that we love this art, we are aware of some of its techniques.

When my husband Abhila narrated this story after marriage, he said, ‘It is not too late. You can start painting now,’ he said. He ordered canvas, paints, brushes so that I could start drawing as soon as possible. This was the biggest encouragement for me. So what, my semicircular journey of art began anew. There was a corona with it, there was a lockdown and the shooting had stopped, so there was enough time to take the picture. Initially I was drawing for my own pleasure. Decorated the house with it. Gave some pictures as gifts to friends and relatives. Peace of mind, satisfaction came from him. Initially, the support for COVID was clear; But then the disease took a serious form. His mental pain, depression began to be felt. The intensity was higher in the second phase of the lockdown. Many of them came out hot. We artists were no exception. As soon as I got this art in my hands, I started getting positivity.

Meanwhile, I got a call from my RJ girlfriend Smita. He filled out an exhibition of paintings and suggested that the proceeds be given to the needy. I liked the idea too. I also asked him to suggest a financial aid organization for COVID patients, so that the money raised from the sale of my paintings can be given to the needy. However, who knows what happened? This idea too was left behind. There are many questions in my mind that whom to contact, who needs it, how to recognize their credibility, will the help you offer really work.

One day I got a call from a girl. He needed huge financial help for the treatment of his father who was suffering from coronary heart disease. He contacted me by taking my mobile number from someone. I called him to the office and checked all his medical reports, his credibility and took five pictures to help him. The question is how to sell it. Here social media helped. I uploaded the pictures on Insta’s page and appealed to buy them there. Within hours, some of my fans and friends bought the photos. There was no need to hold an exhibition.

Those who took my pictures said, ‘You’re not buying pictures; But suppose you get a ‘return gift’ from my side for the help you have given to the needy.’ He liked the idea too and the picture sold out. The idea that we can help someone in need financially through our art gave me a lot of strength. The satisfaction of selling a picture is unmatched. I really enjoyed making those pictures. Then came the urge to take pictures.

To draw a picture, I draw directly on the canvas without using a pencil. I love making posters, oil and acrylic paints. I draw different types of images, tangible, abstract, nature. In fact, I was drawing again after many years of school. At first it was difficult. After telling Abhila that he was going to make a drawing like this, he couldn’t believe ‘I can make such a hard skill.’ However, I was sure that I had confidence in my art. In just two days, I showed him the picture, and he was amazed!

I did not learn this art, nor did I have formal training; But I tried my best, I know everything works. Same goes for acting. I haven’t trained in acting, I haven’t acted in plays, yet I dared to enter acting and now I have found my way. Everything I wanted to do was to focus on myself, work hard, naturally and even from the heart, so I ventured into acting. Same goes for painting. I think this art gives him time because he loves it from the bottom of his heart, striving for ‘perfection’ and that’s why mind waves rise on the canvas, I guess.

What do I get from this art? So peace of mind and lots of happiness, satisfaction. Corona fellow caused physical pain to many; This caused a lot of mental retardation. I think art is a very important and effective way to get out of the depression that comes from it. The art of overcoming depression, finding positivity, whatever it may be, is extremely powerful. I have also made a wall mural at home. In addition, more than fifteen canvas paintings were done. After seeing the wall in a house in Mumbai after marriage, I almost expressed my desire to do some craftsmanship on it. He also encouraged me without hesitation. I would like to mention that the actor gave me the freedom that I need to express everything in my mind through colours. Now when my father sees my pictures, he too gets shocked. In fact, he had no name for this art; But he was equally determined to try his hand at the arts by laying the foundation of education first.


Color is life for me. Color identifies your personality, and that’s a big deal. Your nature can also be judged by which color you like. I like pastel colors. My nature is like these colors. Calm and not irritable either. Like this color, I get blended easily in any situation. People who like bright colors are vibrant, especially those who like red, have a kind of fear. The same can be said of every color. I have a special love for the watercolor aqua blue. Whatever picture you take, the same color comes to hand for the first time. transparent! Seamless! Like a reflection of the mind!

I will definitely give time to this newly discovered art. Lots of pictures to decorate the house. Then there is the office, the makeup room. The time you get while shooting is definitely for photographs. This will give me my happiness. No one knows what will bring happiness. My definition of happiness is different, but I found this happiness in painting, in colors, that’s for sure!

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