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The Muslim Brotherhood poem is a symbol of marriage; Hindu Muslim Reconciliation in Mangalore

Muslim Brotherhood poetry is a symbol of marriage;  Hindu Muslim Reconciliation in Mangalore

There is a saying that marriages are made in heaven. Even marriages that are made in heaven face hundreds of words in this world. The problems caused by this covid pandemic have also given rise to family-social events like marriages. Thus many marriages go on, some marriages get annulled, and many marriages simply go unnoticed. Lower middle class and poor families have to struggle for a simple marriage.

An orphan poet Tabli near Mangalore. She lived with her mother Geeta in a small rented house. Kavana’s father-in-law Suresh Bagambi also works as a poor laborer. This is Suresh and his wandering MK. Razak, an old friend of the house. Suresh, who was responsible for the marriage of Sosai, was facing financial crunch on the lockdown. Suresh, who was worried about funding the wedding on July 11, shared his family with his friend Razakar on July 1. Razak immediately noticed his niece, his brother-in-law and MK, a five-course cricket commentator Riaz invited him to his home.

This MK of the Muslim community is worrying. There are poor people in the family, and there are rich people. MK is not in a mood to get into financial trouble in the matter of marriage. A fund named Marriage Fund has been established.

This MK was providing assistance only to his family members. Marriage Fund Officer U.H. Abdul Rehman, M.K. Hainj, Razak, Riyaz, Mubarish, Hanif Zida, Shaved Almaz and others had come to Suresh’s house. There he saw a wood-burning stove. A worried Kavita, the widow of mother Geeta and another relative. She and her daughter Kavita are crying for life as Sureshanna is in trouble. Mammala returned to find out the plight of this family. LPG immediately after ration. The cylinder was arranged.


Cellphone showroom Hunj had also organized a Mehndi program at his home on 10th July. Kavana and Ranjit entered into married life on Sunday, July 11 at the Durga Parameshwari temple in Devpangar, Talpadi. The cellphone showroom family includes Riyaz, Mubarish, Razzaq, Hanif Zida and UH. Abdul Rahman attended the wedding and congratulated the bride and groom.

News Khadar sowed the news of the marriage of communal harmony. He also gave a large sum of money, prompting other Muslim relatives to help with the marriage. Khader shared his excitement about the wedding.

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(Muslim brother helped in marriage of Hindu girl in Mangalore Ullal)

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