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The painter’s patience is running out; Beginning of a new drama movement

Suraj Kamble

The corona infection in the state is now slowly decreasing. However, the state government has not opened the doors of theaters for plays. While the condition of commercial drama is pathetic, experimental theater is also dying. Also the theater of one-act plays, which is a platform for the creativity of the youth, is quiet today. There are calls again and again to start the theatre. However, there is an atmosphere of anger in the theater circles as the doors of the theater are being opened not for drama but for political events. the stage on which the first right of the play should take place; The political ‘drama’ has started on that platform. That’s why young theater workers have now started the ‘Rangabhoomi_Suru_Kara’ movement for plays.

In the field of drama, many senior troupes, organizations and young artists are appealing to the government through various mediums. But the theater has not started doing anything and now the restraint of the artists is running out. Artists have started a movement on social media to open theatres, using the hashtag ‘Start_theater’. Abhijeet Jhunjharrao, theater artist of Abhinaya Kalyan, started this movement. The movement started with a tweet by Kedar Shinde. All the big and small artists are taking part in this movement. Even the students of one-act play have now joined the movement.

When is ‘Nandi’?
For this movement, Gaurav Bahuale of Maharishi Dayanand College, Parel has produced a short film ‘Nandi’. This short film has been made by the actors playing one-act. This video is getting a lot of headlines on social media these days. It is a flourishing day for theater restoration and drama. Kalash Theater has decided to present two plays ‘Gunta’ and ‘Bandhamukta’ on open stage for this movement. The loss of the Natyasrishti will never be compensated by the closure of the play and the theater and the playwrights are doing this movement for the same.

As a playwright you need to be honest to the drama. In the last two years, our theater has not been able to stand properly. No matter how many requests you make to the government, nothing happens. The question before us was why should we remain silent at such times and this movement arose in that anger. So far the movement has garnered immense support and over 15,000 posts have been made under the hashtag #theater_start.
Abhijit Jhunjharrao, Head, Caretaker Welfare

Everyone is trying to start drama and theater. The hashtag #start_start started. We have also decided to support it in a different way. That’s why I wrote the concept of ‘Nandi’. Everyone has helped me in this. The plays need to start all over again. I got special guidance for ‘Nandi’ from Dr. Ganesh Joshi, Professor of Maharishi Dayanand.
– Gaurav Bahulay, Student, Maharishi Dayanand College

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