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The police forced me to name Raj Kundra; Actress Gehna accused of explosives

Gehna Vashistha, Raj Kundra Shelpa Shetty

A new twist is coming in the blue film case of Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kunda. Several cases are pending in this case. If probed, new secrets are being revealed. Actress Gehana Vashisht was arrested a few months back for her alleged involvement in pornography. Now he is out on bail. Recently, in an interview given to the media, Jewel made many allegations against the Mumbai Police.

Gehana Vashisht was arrested in February this year. He is accused of being involved in pornographic films. A total of three FIRs were registered. The police had asked for a bribe. 15 lakh they said they will not be arrested. “I haven’t done anything wrong. The police have told me what case they can take.”

Jewel admitted that she has acted in some bold films for Raj Kundra’s Hot Shots app. But Jewel argues that they are neither blue nor vulgar. Gehna also claimed that the police pressured her to take Raj Kundra’s name. “In my statement, the police had sought the names of Raj Kundra and producer Ekta Kapoor. But I refused. Raj Kundra and I have done nothing wrong,’ said Gehna.

Jewel has been accused of everything in front of the police. He also accused the police of misrepresenting the media. For all these reasons, the police can arrest them again. Hence, a lawyer pro-Jehan has already applied for bail.

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