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The promo of ‘She’s Back’ arouses the curiosity of the audience! Talking about ‘him’

Mumbai: The series ‘Devmanas’ on Zee Marathi reached the peak of popularity due to its unique story. The story of the series is thrilling and the series and each of its characters has kept the audience hooked. But now the series is ready to bid farewell to the audience next month. The new mystery series ‘Ti Paraat Aaliye’ will release on August 16 at 10.30 pm.

The promo of the series ‘She is back’ has been released recently. The series will see veteran actor Vijay Kadam in a different and attractive role and he is returning to TV after a long hiatus. In the promo of this series, Vijay Kadam is seen patrolling the area as a murder is taking place in the area.

‘Be careful everyone, it’s me.’ They are seen walking around giving such warnings. After all, after watching the promo, curiosity arises in the minds of the audience about what this is. Information about who else will be in the series has been kept in the bouquet. This new series has also been written by Swapnil Gangurde, the author of the popular series ‘Devmanas’. So this series will also keep the audience curious, no doubt about it.

I’m incredibly excited for the series too!

Speaking about the series, Vijay Kadam said, “The audience will get to witness some mystery in this suspenseful series. Is there any mystery about the people living in this area? Will get the answer of who actually came. I am also incredibly eager to work on this mystery series. Everyone will soon know what my role is. I am sure the audience will love this role .’

Farewell to ‘Devmanas’!

The serial ‘Devmanas’ is running on the small screen. The series currently sees Dr. Ajit Kumar Dev aka Devisingh acquitted of 11 counts of murder. When Ajit Kumar returns home, the family is in a hurry to end his marriage with Dimpy. But it will be shown how Devisingh again gets caught in the murder charges and then the series will say goodbye to the audience.

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