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The rules for child actors are very strict on the sets of Marathi serials.

Vedangi Kannav, University of Mumbai

After the first wave of Corona, the process of unlocking started and filming started with conditions. But at that time the filming of senior actors and child actors was banned due to security reasons. As the commentary became available a few months after filming began, senior actors were also allowed to make the film. But till then child actors were not seen much in the serial. Now, however, the children’s company has begun to appear in several series. It is said that these kids are being filmed on the sets with due care.

Child actors are periodically tested for safety reasons. Disinfection of the make-up room, not walking around them without a mask is very important. Seeing the mood of the child in the series ‘Rang Majha Vegala’, the mood of both Kartiki and Deepika gets imprisoned. Close shorts are taken accordingly. They are also being filmed according to their sleep patterns. Milk is also provided for them on the sets. The series will show that the children have grown up and will be six and a half years old. That’s why new child actors are also being taken care of, the series team understands. Since the contestants of Saregampu Little Champs are kids, everyone on the sets is taking precautions. “Every effort is being made to ensure that the contestants do not come into contact with outsiders except the artists, musicians and technicians on the sets. Also, it has been seen that there is no crowd even while rehearsing with the musicians. ‘, say the parents of the contestants.

The fairies in ‘Majhi Tujhe Reshmagath’, Nikhil in ‘Iye Kuthe Ke Karate’ and Gorakshanath in ‘Gatha Navanathanchi’ have been given separate make-up rooms. The focus is on wearing masks when not shooting, keeping other people at a safe distance in the room provided to the parents. Myra, who plays the role of an angel, is very young and has been shot with her own art. His parents told that the shooting has been done keeping in mind his drinking and sleeping time.

Ghar ka khana is also provided on the sets for the child actors. Online schools are currently running everywhere. Due to the excellent network facility on the sets, child actors are able to attend school regularly and are also studying. The child actors appearing in the series are being filmed with due care.

Since there are two kids in the series, their shooting time has been cut short. Along with these children, their parents are also present on the set. They have also been given a separate make-up room. The room is disinfected every hour. The artist removes the mask while carrying the child during filming. At other times it is mandatory to wear a mask while handling them.
– Aparna Ketkar, producer, My complexion is different

After coming on the set, the body temperature is checked. Our bags are also sanitized with us. Also I have been given a separate make-up room. Everyone wears a mask when there is no shooting.
– Amrit Gaikwad, Gorakshanath, Gatha Navnathi

Since we are all small at the event, the set is constantly sterilized. Since my father teaches me to sing, we practice in our room.
– Shruti Bhande, Contestant, Saregampa Little Champa

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