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The worldliness of friendship of Marathi artists … shared special memories

It seems like my sister and Urmila Kanetkar are very old. Our identity was first; But the real feeling of friendship started on the stage of the program ‘one by one’. There I was his choreographer. Since then, the process of meeting each other has increased. After that we also worked in a film together. Then the friendship became stronger. We are of a different nature. So we got on well. I had arranged a concert for her wedding. My daughter and Urmila also share a very good friendship. Now our relationship is not limited to friendship but has become like sisters.

– Phulwa Khamkar, choreographer
Dosti Dombivli Connection Mahesh Limaye and I both lived in Dombivli. So we used to go to the occasion of various competitions. We used to be right wherever we wanted to take classes during the 10th vacation. After 10th we separated and met directly at JJ School of Arts. Since we lived in the same city, we traveled by train together. In the midst of all this, our friendship opened. I was hearing about his work in entertainment. It occurred to me that we should do a film together. After that we worked together in a few films. We have a lot of fun on the sets and say to each other, ‘What are you doing?’ Two boys on Dombivali’s nose today went too far; It’s a pleasure. We also live close to Thane. That’s why we meet during festivals.

– Ravi Jadhav, Director
My 30 year old friendship Kishor Kadam and I met during intercollegiate competitions during college days. I used to sing as well as act in my college play ‘Kailaaswasi Parle’. At the time, Adheim was deliberately mocked to disrupt other college plays; But in one of our plays, I sang and Kishor stopped his friends from doing the same. Once the play was over, Kishor and Atul Date came to the wing and praised me. Then the teenager asked me ‘Will you make friends’ and from there the friendship started. For each other’s addresses, meetings increased. We used to rehearse songs with each other. The teenager asked me to play her poem ‘Dis Nakalat Jai’ and I played the poem for the first time. We have been friends for 30 years.

– Milind Ingle, composer
…and once we worked together, Mukta Barve and I attended a workshop by veteran director Vijaya Mehta. But then we didn’t know much. So we actually met on the sets of the film ‘Ek Dawa Dhobi Pachad’. After this film we did a series called ‘Agnihotra’ and from there our friendship started. We started talking to each other. We started discussing different topics. Then after that we did many projects like ‘Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai’, ‘Badum Rani Ghulam Chor’, ‘Ek Lagnachi Dasari Goshta’. Our friendship got stronger. After that Mukta also became my girlfriend. Mukta is a role model for my daughter. She is a big fan of Mukta.

– Satish Rajwade, Director

Compilation: Sampada Joshi

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