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‘There is no guardian for the actors, all is well with us!’ Kedar Shinde is furious

MumbaiPopular director Kedar Shinde, who has given quality films to the Marathi audience by handling various subjects very meticulously, is once again in the discussion on social media. Kedar has always targeted the government with his posts. This time too Kedar tried to grab the attention of the state government by posting. Since there is no provision for cinema halls and cinema halls in the new restrictions announced by the Thackeray government recently, Kedar through his medium has tried to attract the attention of the state government. have tried. Post.

As soon as she got home, it’s time to stay in the barn that Rupali Bhosle came to.

The state government allowed citizens taking two doses to travel locally. Tola Kedar said that the government is thinking about everyone but is not ready to pay attention to the questions of the artists. Posting on Facebook, Kedar wrote, ‘Two dose takers will start the train journey but not a word about cinema halls and cinema halls. Looks like we started this corona with artists. We have no guardian. All is well with us!’ By saying this, Kedar has targeted the state government.

Many users have supported Kedar by commenting on his post. The state government should consider the artists, such reactions are coming on Kedar’s post. Some users are asking why political rallies are allowed and then why cinema halls and cinema halls are not. Earlier, Kedar had extended his hand to help the flood victims and appealed to them to help others as well. Apart from this, Kedar also shares his views on other important issues of the society through his posts.

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