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‘There is no use in praising continuously’; Sonu again expressed his opinion about the reality show

Mumbai: At present, reality shows are being broadcast on various channels. In those events the examinees often give unrealistic praise to the contestants, about which renowned singer Sonu Nigam has expressed his displeasure in strong words. Sonu Nigam worked as an examiner in Sa Re Ga Ma and Indian Idol.

In an interview with E-Times, Sonu Nigam said, “Generally, we have examiners to teach something to the contestants. The test takers are expected to give their opinion honestly to the contestants. Contestants are constantly harassing us. There is no point in praising. How can the examiner constantly praise the contestants? Isn’t it like spoiling the kids? The examiners don’t want to spoil the kids, they want to do that. If the examinees keep praising the contestants, then the contestants One will never know when they were wrong and when they were right.

Meanwhile, referring to Indian Idol 12, Amit Kumar had said, “When I went to the show, the makers asked me to praise the contestants.” Amit Kumar’s statement had created a controversy. At that time, Indian Idol 12 presenter Aditya Narayan and examiner Muntashir had defended the show and said that Amit Kumar’s statement was false. At that time Sonu Nigam shared a video from his Instagram. At the time, the makers had called for an end to the controversy. Sonu Nigam also took the side of Amit Kumar. He had said that even today no one can sing 100 percent of Kishore Kumar’s songs. His son Amit Kumar is also a great man. He has worked in this cinema for more years than us. Their nature is very calm and restrained. He himself will not say anything. No one should take advantage of his words. I urge the team of Indian Idol to end this controversy now.

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