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Thimmakka, the centenary row of the Kovid vaccine

Vaccination Lineman Thimmakka

Haasan: Padma Shri awardee Thyamakka Corona Vaccine Health Department officials gave the first dose of Cowshield Vaccine to the tree house. Padmashree has been late vaccinated for her illness due to her illness. He lives in Belur village in Belur taluk of Thimmakka district. The vaccination of Thimmakkun has been done in the presence of local MLA KS Lingesh.

Some people ignore it because awareness was raised about the corona vaccine. The fear of side effects of the vaccine will backfire. There are many examples of irresponsible behavior without listening to people, even though the authorities have advised villages to get the corona vaccine. Amidst all this, the 110-year-old Thimmakka tree is spreading awareness about the vaccine.

The achievement of a row tree is immense and is a role model for all. A child who has never been a child planted trees and took better care than a child who was born in his womb. His achievement inspires the youth. Thimmakka, who has won many awards, has now removed the fear of vaccination by taking the corona vaccine. Kovid vaccine can be found without any fear.

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(Salumrada Thimmakka has been vaccinated against coronavirus in Hassan)

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