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This is a distortion! Viewers were surprised to see that scene of Marathi series

MUMBAI: New funds are raised to promote the series or create curiosity about the series. For this, some scenes of the series have been exaggerated. In such a situation, issues like tarnishing the image of the people to inciting the feelings of the people are increasing. At the same time, the audience has expressed displeasure over a scene in the series ‘Yeh Kashi Tashi Mi Nandyala’ which became popular in a short time.

Recently a scene was shown in the series. Sweetu’s cousin travels by Chinese train. So Mohit, who is always the conspirator, is shown traveling in the same compartment. The Chinese are standing at the door of the locomotive. Seeing this, Mohit puts a safety pin on one of his hands. So the Chinese hand, which is holding the stick, escapes and falls down.

Viewers are outraged seeing this sight. Viewers have expressed the view that mocking the poor and always conspiring against them is a perversion.

Also, Malvika takes over Salvi’s house and sends some goons to demolish the house. The way the goons have thrown the Salvi family out of the house has enraged the audience.

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