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This is a lie! zee marathi award show trolls on social media

MumbaiZee Marathi Award ceremony was recently organized on Zee Marathi channel. Some of the series were recently aired on the channel two months back. These series won the hearts of the audience. This series with a different theme and a great cast garnered a lot of applause from the audience. However, viewers say that the series was dropped at the Zee Awards ceremony. Viewers have said that some of the awards given at the awards ceremony were not given to the right person. In such a situation, the audience is upset with this award ceremony.

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Deshpande Saran was awarded the Best Father award at the award ceremony. The Best Mother award was given to Neha. After this, Dada Salvi i.e. Sweetu’s father was given the Best Future Father-in-law award and Shaku i.e. Om’s mother was given the Best Future Mother-in-law award. However, the audience says that this award was not given to the right person. The audience preferred Siddharth’s father in ‘Tujhya Maya Sansara and Ke Havan’ and Yash’s grandfather in ‘Majhi Tujhe Reshmagath’ instead of Dada Salvi for the role of the best future father-in-law. According to the audience, Siddharth’s mother should have got the Best Mother-in-law award.

Also the best daughter-in-law award was given to Sweet. However, it is not clear to the audience that whose daughter-in-law is Sutu. So the audience has chosen Aditi and Neha for this award. According to netizens, it would be wrong to give this award to Sweetu when Aditi could be the best daughter-in-law. Netizens have expressed their displeasure over the various reactions. Apart from this, the audience is also unhappy with the award given to Mrunmayee Deshpande as the best story writer.


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