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This is called sacrament; R. Netkari praised Madhavan’s son… read what is the reason – Actor R Madhavan’s 16-year-old son Vedant won 7 medals in the swimming championship

Mumbai: Popular actor of Bollywood and Southern cinema R. Madhavan is known for his simplicity. R Madhavan is not involved in parties in Bollywood, controversies in Bollywood, factionalism. Instead, he spends most of his free time with his family. Not only this, he is with his family in many festivals and is sharing photos with them on social media. Recently R. Madhavan has shared a photo with his son Vedant. After sharing this photo, users have started commenting on it on social media. Not only this, these fathers have been fully appreciated… the reason for this is the same…

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In the 47th Junior National Aquatic Championship held in Bangalore, R. Madhavan’s son Vedant has won seven medals. This includes four silver medals, three bronze medals. According to sources, Vedanta has won silver medals in 800m freestyle swimming, 1500m freestyle swimming, 4*100m freestyle swimming and 4*200m freestyle swimming in relay swimming. He has won bronze medals in 100, 200 and 400 meters freestyle swimming.

Abhishek Singhvi also appreciated

Rajya Sabha MP Abhishek Manu Singhvi has also lauded Vedanta’s performance on social media. It is also remarked that Vedanta is proud of you and your values.

The comparison between Vedanta and Arya is

The news of Vedanta’s performance went viral on social media. Since then, users have started giving different types of reactions on social media. Vedanta has been widely praised by many. So some users have compared Vedanta and Aryan Khan. According to these users, one has won medals for the country, while the other is hearing insults from the country for taking drugs.

I am proud of you!

R. Madhavan has written a nice post for Vedant while sharing a photo on his birthday. In this he writes, ‘Thank you for what you have done to me, thank you for this… My chest is full of pride, thank you for this… I will definitely learn something from you.. Happy 16th birthday. I hope you are better than me as a human being… I am one lucky father.’

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