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Udupi massacre: Brahmavar murder case busted Supari Kotana husband from Dubai? | Udupi massacre Brahmavar Vishal Ghaniga massacre

Murdered Vishal Ganiga and his apartment

Udupi: Vishal Ganiga, a 35-year-old woman returning from Dubai to Brahmavar in Udupi district, was brutally murdered last week. Vishal’s solitary confinement in the apartment was tightened with strings and all the ornaments of the house were lost. The murder, which took place in the afternoon at Brahmavar’s Kumaragodu, shook the entire coast. This murder case has now taken a new turn. Vishakha Ganiga’s husband Ramakrishna Ganiga is said to be responsible for the murder of his wife in Dubai.

Police suspect that Ramakrishna, who supplied the killers, instructed him to kill his wife, who had come to Brahmavara from Dubai. Ramkrishna Ganiga, who lives in Dubai, has been arrested by the police. According to preliminary information available to the police, the assailants who reached the flat where Vishal Ganigar was found killed him. At the time of killing Vishal, two spoons were kept on the teapot of his house. It was believed that an acquaintance came home, talked to him and then killed him. Though CC cameras were checked, but no evidence was found. However, due to suspicion on the husband, the police is investigating the matter.

It is so confusing that the police believe that they killed the wife, robbed her and took her jewelry home. In this background, Ramakrishna Ganiga has been detained and is being questioned. Vishal has been murdered by tying a mobile charging wire around his neck. Four investigation teams have been deployed to solve this murder case at the earliest.

Vishal Ganiga has a 7-year-old daughter and her husband Ramkrishna Ganiga was a mentor to a businessman in Dubai. Vishal Ganiga, from a wealthy family background, also lived in Dubai with her husband. He also had a flat in Kumaragodu. He was called from Dubai as he had to sign some documents to not deal with his father’s property. Visala had returned from Dubai 10 days before the murder and had to leave Dubai shortly after.

Visala, who had sent her daughter to her grandparents’ house in Kundapur last Monday, was alone at home. The daughter had gone to the bank by auto before returning due to some work in the bank. Sona, kept in the bank’s locker, had withdrawn the money and returned to the flat in the same auto. Vishal had called his family and no one got in touch. Vishal Ganiga had said that he would take his daughter to her father-mother’s house in Kundapur when the bank was over. However, when the daughter did not call at night, her father got worried. He called his son-in-law Ramakrishna Ganiga and informed about the incident. He immediately suggested going to the apartment and taking care of her. Thus Vishal’s father moved with his son to an apartment in Kumaragodi.

Vishal’s flat was locked overnight. Vishal was lying dead in the hall while removing the door with the second key. The items in the bedroom wardrobe were scattered. Vishal’s neck, talisman, sarong, ring, bean ornaments, all the wealth was destroyed. Jewelery worth more than two lakhs is missing from the house. Vishal, who has traveled 2-3 times in auto, talked about going to Dubai with his family, property business, banking job. It was speculated that the auto driver’s handcuffs, which he listened to throughout, may have been involved in the murder. The auto driver had already been called and was being examined. However, he did not know what happened when he left his flat and returned. Day by day this murder case is taking a new turn.

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(New twists are coming in Brahmavar Vishal Ganiga murder case, police detained husband)

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